Oh? You found my math notes?

– Toujou to Manaka Junpei. [1]

Toujou Aya
Rōmaji Tōjō Aya
Kanji 東城 綾
Birthday January 14
Height 159 cm
Gender Female Female
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Relatives Haruka Toujou (Cousin)
Seiyū Mamiko Noto
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Shy, reserved, and rather clumsy, but also kind, trusting, and intelligent, Aya is the middle-school mystery girl with strawberry-print panties that Manaka seeks at the beginning of the story. (東), the first character of her family name, means "east". Aya has large glasses and an unattractive hairstyle when Manaka first meets her. When he tells her that he admires the novel she is writing in the math notebook he found and that he wants to direct films, she quickly develops a crush on him. The crush blossoms into love as they become friends. Aya and Manaka share the same dreams, to write and film respectively. Soon Aya starts wearing contact lenses and lets her hair down. The new look and her curvy figure get lots of attention from the boys. Manaka realizes Aya is the mystery girl and becomes attracted to her. Aya passes up the prestigious all-girl high school Oumi Academy so she can attend Izumizaka with Manaka. At Izumizaka, Aya joins the Izumizaka Literature Club, wins awards and recognition for her work, and has her first novel published. An important member of the Film Studies Club, Aya writes the scripts each year for the three films Manaka directs and plays the heroine in the last film.

Through the first eight volumes, Aya is Manaka's main love interest. As Manaka becomes more interested in Tsukasa, Aya's gentle affections are no longer returned. When Aya discovers that Manaka and Tsukasa are going steady again, she finds the courage to tell Manaka she loves him. After Manaka regretfully rejects her, Aya experiences the heartbreak of an unrequited first love. At the end of the story, she understands that her friendship with Manaka has given her inspiration, and through her love she has discovered her deepest feelings. After graduation she becomes a successful novelist, cherishing the dream of making an award-winning film from her notebook novel with Manaka.



Toujou is shy and quiet


Hiroshi Sotomura

Yui Minamito

Nishino Tsukasa

Manaka Junpei

Rikiya Komiyama

Misuzu Sotomura

Kitaoji Satsūki



  • Toujou's cup size is E.
  • Toujou's hobbies is reading.
  • Favorite food is Crepes.
  • The first kanji in her family name "Toujou" denotes the eastern cardinal direction.


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